Monitoring Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT/DVB-T) broadcast networks

The LUTEUS software presented in this video is used for monitoring Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT/DVB-T) broadcast networks but can also work on DVB-T2 standard or north America ATSC, south America ISDB-T and the Chinese’s DBTM standards. The solution can be adapted to monitor Radio broadcasting network too or satellite earth station.

The internal design of LoriotPro allows the monitoring of hundreds of broadcast sites and their devices, with aggressive polling frequency down to the second. The various capabilities available in the software to inform the operators of any service downtime or performance degradation allow them to react in a short time to take corrective actions. The monitoring of devices in the world of TV broadcasting is not a child’s play. The numerous manufacturers with their large product portfolio and a lack of standards, requires most of the time to have dedicated software modules (drivers) for collecting the necessary key performance indicators (KPI). But thank to LoriotPro for its genius design allowing the development of these drivers with few line of LUA script code, making the solution expandable at will with control on the induced costs.

You want to know more about Digital Terrestrial Television, read this :

Handbook on Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting Networks and Systems Implementation

from ITU.