Ten good reasons to choose LUTEUS LoriotPro software over any other

There are currently hundreds of solutions on the market for monitoring and auditing information systems. To choose one, you have to weigh up functionality and performance as well as purchase and ownership costs.

To make your decision easier, we have summarised below ten good reasons for choosing the LoriotPro solution over any other and we will highlight the differences that set LoriotPro apart in its field. First of all, it is important to note that the LUTEUS development team has made use of its many years of experience in this field to make uncompromising technical decisions to ensure the product fulfils its purpose. Other products simply do not come close to LoriotPro in terms of functionality and capacity. Some products may rival LoriotPro on certain aspects but none of them can compete with its complete package.

Reason 1 – Scope of use LoriotPro software has an extremely broad scope of use and can be adapted to meet all types of requirements. It is already used by many of our telecommunications customers around the world for monitoring complex network infrastructures. Their decision to use LoriotPro was mainly based on its technical performance in terms of monitoring and filtering alarms from hundreds of pieces of critical or sensitive equipment. It is also highly popular in the service industry and with banks for monitoring their vertical applications or information systems as well as in industry and transport (monitoring systems and applications in the air mail sector). ISPs and BroadCasting companies benefit from LoriotPro’s flexibility to remotely monitor their network and broadcasting equipment with specific constraints.
Reason 2 – Cost control LoriotPro is a solution which has no nasty financial surprises, hidden costs or recurrent costs. Whether your information system is concentrated or spread across many sites, with one single licence for the Standard or Extended editions, you can monitor all your resources without restrictions or limits in terms of quantity and duration. For the Standard and Extended editions, the cost of the licence is not based on the number of machines and no additional agents are required for monitoring the machines and equipment.
Reason 3 – Durability  LoriotPro is a software program that has been entirely developed in France by LUTEUS who manage the entire product. It was created 1998 and has been improved regularly ever since. It is also compatible with the latest versions of Windows and has been since its commercial release in 2002. LUTEUS focuses its growth on this one product and does not attempt to diversify. LoriotPro competes directly and modestly with all the major solutions on the market. LoriotPro is already established all over the world with our customers, many of whom are international names.
Reason 4 – Service and responsiveness The modest size of LUTEUS requires an irreproachable level of product and service quality. LUTEUS has no choice but to fully satisfy its customers by being highly responsive and providing products that are tailored to suit their needs. The rich quality of the product currently draws on the many requests customers have made for improvements since LoriotPro was first released onto the market.
Reason 5 – It’s visual and ergonomic. LoriotPro stands out from the rest thanks to its user interface which can detect a fault in an infrastructure of hundreds or even thousands of machines. Its graphical interface uses Windows’s multi-window environment, making it possible to create dynamic visuals for your information system called Active View. These fully modular control panels permanently display the operating statuses, the availability and the load value of your IT resources (Ethernet links, memories, drives, network services, servers, applications etc.). With Active View, our customers benefit from a tool which is completely unique in its field to create perfectly adapted visuals and control diagrams to suit their activities.
Reason 6 – Smooth and responsive user interface The LoriotPro console uses the Microsoft Windows interface rather than the WEB standard. The WEB mode does not provide a rapid display (real time) of your information system’s status. Furthermore, market solutions with JAVA’s multi-platform often suffer from slow graphical interfaces that make using the product on a daily basis painstaking. LoriotPro, on the other hand, uses a WEB display mode for remote-access consultation.
Reason 7 – Performance and standard compatibility This is LoriotPro’s most important feature but also the least obvious. LoriotPro has a remarkable ability to control the availability of thousands of different elements thanks to its internal architecture using the Windows multitask function. The total control of collection and treatment processes for incidents and alarms which may pour in by the second in their hundreds is another key factor for ensuring you have total control of your surroundings. LoriotPro’s compatibility with Internet standards and the SNMP standard support, the well known and used management protocol, is a veritable guarantee of the product’s durability and compatibility with thousands of software systems and equipment already present on the market and, in some cases, in your information systems. To explain the importance of this criterion, we will consider the example of measuring the bit rate of interface networks which are increasingly moving into the realms of Gigabits per second. To properly support a value measure of this order, LoriotPro includes the complete 64 bit SNMP support as standard and offers 64 bit value handling functions with LUA scripting.
In addition and to ensure that LoriotPro carries out the processes that it is sometimes called upon to perform in extremely short periods of time, it has its own in-house graphical and visual performance checks (DashBoard).
Reason 8 – It’s progressive and open The Extended LorioPro edition is open to the development of applications based on LUA integrated scripting language. The integration of application development tools within LoriotPro and the addition of hundreds of functions are radically speeding up the writing of monitoring and audit applications. Thanks to this opening, the most varied of difficulties can be resolved and everyday laborious tasks can be entirely automated. Script applications provide interactive facilities with the software’s graphical interfaces, for dynamic displays of information systems from physical layers to application layers.
Reason 9 – Owner solution rather than Open Source LUTEUS is a software publisher and not an Open Source code assembler. LUTEUS owns 90% of the code which is developed exclusively in France, and lays claim to its original design. LUTEUS developers have a wealth of experience in systems and network issues and recently the “CCIE 10 Years” logo (Cisco certified internetwork expert) was awarded to one of them. LoriotPro software is an original and unique code developed with an eye on performance and operability. It is written mainly in C and C++ language and optimised for the Windows operating system and multitask processing. This total control means we are able to be highly responsive to requests for change and corrective measures. There is one notable exception to this rule however, with the following use of Open Source: LUA scripting language, MRTG and RRD time-related graphics.
Reason 10 – non relational CMDB Technical decisions taken by the LUTEUS development team have resulted in LoriotPro not using relational databases to record configuration items and IT resource usage information. Remember that CMDBs designate the database used to record the inventory of resources. The reasons behind this choice are, first and foremost, the performance losses noted when databases of this type are accessed. Performance drops even further when these databases are of a substantial size. Secondly, there is a need to have a competent database administrator to keep them operational over time. The vision behind our monitoring tools is to ease administrators’ workload, and not to give them additional work with a tool that is complicated to maintain.