You are responsible for the operation of a 24/24 broadcast architecture or audiovisual production site and you are looking for a solution that is both powerful and inexpensive to achieve your goals! Then read on.

Our software solution LoriotPro Broadcast Edition can help you in a multi-manufacturer environment to centralize and monitor in real time all the critical data of your Broadcast Infrastructure.

LUTEUS is a French software publisher dedicated to creating monitoring solutions with unusual technical criteria. Among these criteria, the most appreciated by our existing customers who operate broadcast networks, is the capability of our solution for rapidly taking into account even the most exotic needs related to their profession. Whatever the constraints, they are sure of success with our solution and keep their autonomy. The second criterion is its aggressive purchase price and the subsequent costs of ownership that are quite competitive.

Using IP convergence and the processing of standard monitoring protocols such as SNMP, LoriotPro makes it possible to integrate, into one solution, the monitoring and automation of  technical audio-visual infrastructure,  among them: distribution boards, the infrastructure backbone, data centers, earth stations, headends, HFC networks, DVB-T, DVB-C, DVB-S digital television platforms , satellite links, WaterMarking services, uninterruptible power supplies, etc.

Read this ten slides presentation (pdf) or look at the Datasheet for a more detailed description.

Key features of our solution:

  1. Collection of critical indicators of performance and availability
  2. Real time monitoring of thousand of devices
  3. Summary view real-time dashboards, in rack diagrams, floor plans, schematics
  4. Shows loads graphics in real time and trend
  5. Alarms and notification by mail and SMS, GPIO
  6. Archiving of historical anomalies Automates the process of monitoring and alarm systems
  7. Discover infrastructure and systems
Broadcast edition For Microsoft Windows

Our solution installs in minutes on a Microsoft Windows ™ system physical or virtual. The discovery of your environment is automatic and monitoring your infrastructure can be established on this basis.